The problem of Unwanted has been in the society for ages. And so is the cure, with the time passing different solutions has been looked upon.

Even in the study of Cavemen, there is evidence of facial hair removal with sharp stones. In Egyptian tombs, evidence of body hair removal with bronze razors has also been found. Mesopotamian artifacts include tweezers from 3500 BC. Greek and Roman writings relay tales of plucking with tweezers. Indian and Pakistani art depict shaving of facial and body hair. Middle Age European manuscripts discuss razors and tweezers. Shakespearian England documents reveal interest in hair removal. Age of enlightenment in France provides evidence of first safety razor. 20-century literature and art show hair removal first evidence of electrolysis. In1926 Gillette marketed the first razor to the masses. And in 1936 the first electric razor while in 1970 Wax strips became popular.



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