Shaving is the commonest method of body hair removal. Though not a long-lasting solution like hair removal laser surgery or electrolysis, it is popular because it is so convenient. All you need to shave is a razor, which, moreover, can be used on any body part – on the chest, the abdomen, the legs, the arms, the underarms and the pubic area. Some men also have their heads tonsured for the sake of fashion or in times of mourning. Women too sometimes shave their heads to make a fashion statement.

History of shaving

Shaving has a long history. Long before the razor arrived people used sea shells to remove their hair. Then came copper razors around 3,000 BC that made removing hair a great deal easier. Since then there have been numerous improvements in the production of shaving equipment.

Shaving equipments

The basic shaving equipments needed for hair removal are a razor, shaving cream, warm water and a mirror. Razors are of two types, electric and manual, and both are readily available in the market. Manual razors come in different shapes and sizes and there is a range of shaving creams and gels in the market. The hairy portion is lathered up before the razor is applied to ensure that the skin is not damaged.

Shaving tips

There are some techniques of shaving that you need to master. If you don’t shave properly you might suffer from skin irritation or razor burn. A good shave on the other hand can do wonders for the skin. It can help it to exfoliate, remove dead skin cells and enable the skin to breathe. All this keeps the skin from drying up.

Preparing a good lather is necessary if you’re looking for a smooth shave. Splash the problem area with hot water both before and after the shave, as that helps in opening up the pores of the skin and softening the hair. Getting up a rich lather is easier if you use a good-quality shaving brush. Circular brush movements, lasting two to three minutes, should be enough for most purposes.


Shaving is an easy and inexpensive method of removing hair. All you need is some basic shaving equipment, and the job is done in a few minutes. The laser and electrolytic methods are both time consuming and expensive, and they can’t be done at home. You need to visit a physician, and ensure that the treatment you are going in for suits you. Shaving is also the only method that is completely free of side effects.


The biggest drawback of hair removal by shaving is that it is not a permanent way out of your hairy predicament. Unlike laser hair removal treatment, which is long lasting, shaving is something you do every day or certainly every other day. Obviously then it is the most temporary of solutions to the problem of excessive hair growth. You also can’t be too careful while using a razor. As mentioned improper use could cause cuts or skin irritation, besides “laser bumps” due to ingrown hair. So unless it’s just the face that is being shaved, a lot of people prefer to use chemical depilatories for hair removal. There is one commonly held misconception, though. Research has shown that shaving does not result in the hair becoming thicker, as is commonly held.

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